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To help you calculate an estimative price for your wood burning stove installed, please follow this guide. First check the dimension of the wood burning stove you have chosen and that it fits within your fireplace with a minimum 20cm space above and to each of the sides.

Look inside the chimney to see if it«s straight up and that the quoted flue size will fit within the chimney, also look for a daylight to check that the chimney has not been sealed off. If all these are good you then need to calculate the total height of your chimney. As a guide measure the height of your ground floor room + the height of your 1st / 2nd floor rooms + 3 m for the roof height and chimney steel.

Normally we fit the stove with a 1 m length of black vitreous enamel pipe, with inspection hatch, directly above the stove and the rest in stainless steel.

When you enter the stove you require and the height of the chimney the necessary pipe work, fittings and fireproof to seal off the chimney above the stove will be calculated.

The next step for calculating delivery charge is to look at the map and enter your area: A, B, C. If you are outside these areas or any of the other criteria are not met please contact us for further information.

Prices for installed stoves are calculated at 10% VAT only applicable to properties over 2 years old. Please also note this is a guide for you, each and every case is unique and conformation of price will be required before installation. Also please note that due to their very specific design some of our stoves aren't available in our simulator.

Determine your area

We offer an installation service up to 150km. Please use our map below to determine your zone (A) up to 50km radius, (B) up to 100km radius or (C) up to 150km radius from Vasles. Sorry but beyond that it is probably more economical for you the customer to find a local installer!

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